For Parents

Curkey® is absolutely safe as the main ingredient is Curcumin which is the active in Turmeric. Turmeric is used in various forms in our daily cooking.
Ofcourse, Curkey® is approved by the state FDA in Maharashtra. It is widely prescribed by Paediatricians for the treatment of URTI & Sore Throat.
Curkey® is to be kept in the buccal (mouth area) cavity and sucked slowly. It should not be chewed and eaten like a candy. Curkey® will provide Quick Symptomatic Relief has a proprietary patented technology.
The child will start feeling better right from the first pastille itself (provided it is consumed as advised). However, it is advised to take the complete dosage for 4 days. To maintain & build immunity it is advised to take 1 pastille of Curkey® a day for a 3 month period.
Ideally keep a strip of Curkey® handy at home at all times. Curkey® works best when it is given at the start of sore throat or infection. Curkey® contains Curcumin which has proven anti – inflammatory and bactericidal action. Curkey® is recommended by your health professional so follow his / her recommendation.

For Doctors

Each pastille of Curkey® contains active Curcumin 100 mg. It is derived from Curcuma longa (whole Curcumin extract). This patented extraction process makes it different compared to other Curcumin products available in the market.
Ideally above 5 years because Curkey® works best when it is consumed as advised. It should not be chewed or swallowed but kept in buccal cavity (mouth) and sucked till it melts completely. While Curkey® is absolutely safe even for children below 5 years of age, they might not follow the instructions properly. They might bite and chew the pastille, which will bring down the efficacy.
Absolutely none. There are some studies that speak about 8 gm of Curcumin working at toxic levels in some mice models. But since Curkey® contains only 100 mg and its dosage even for adults is only 5 pastilles a day, there is nothing to worry. Curkey® is absolutely safe.

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